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Introducing "Astrological Services via Lord Ganesh"
Salutations unto the Lord of Astrology - Ganesha.

    Ganesha is considered the patron god of Astrologers. His special power is that he gives obstacles to negative things and removes obstacles to positive things. When we Astrologers attempt to read a horoscope for a person’s benefit, we need to be empowered or “blessed” by Ganesha so that he will put obstacles in the way of our ignorance, and will facilitate and remove obstacles from our clarity, intellect, and foresight. However it a popular misunderstanding that Ganesha is the *only* god of Astrology, and this is untrue. Each planet is also a God. Bonafide Astrologers develop a relationship with all of them (Navagrahas) so that they help us do good and accurate readings. Each planetary God also has an overseeing deity, and each planet manifests one of the 9 Incarnations of Vishnu. (Surya - Sun, Chandra - Moon, Mangala - Mars, Buddha - Mercury, Brihaspati - Jupiter, Sukra - Venus, Shanidev - Saturn, Smaramyaham - Rahu and Mahasuram - Ketu). Vishnu is the Ultimate Controller of the our entire Material Universe. - Vraja Kishora das
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In the land of Bharat Varsha (India) some millenia ago, the sages living in Naimasaranya forest decided that for everyone's benefit they would hear and discuss all of the Puranas, This took about twelve years to complete. During this time, the renowned son of Vyasadeva, Sukadeva Gosvami, appeared on the scene to recite and discourse on the Bhagavat Purana. Sukadeva was considered to be the most realized and knowledgeable on transcendental topics. After completing the Bhagavat and others as well, the sages, desiring to to hear more, asked the illustrious Suta Gosvami to continue the discourse. Suta proposed that the recitation of the Ganesha Purana was the best remedy for the anxious transcendentalists.

    Who is Ganesha?  Is he a mythological character or is his existence based in reality? Only the sincere reader of the Ganesha Purana can conclude. It is also a matter of realization. There is a nice analogy in this regard. When Sir Isaac Newton noticed how an apple falls from a tree and hit the ground, he discovered the Law of Gravity, One may conclude that Newton was educated in this regard.  In the same way, in order to understand or realize spiritual knowledge, one must also try to become educated and learn this science, preferably under the guidance of a bona-fide guru. The Vedic literatures, of which the Puranas belong, consistently give examples of such transcendental teachers. After learning the basics, then we may dive deeper and acquire more understanding from the Puranas and many other spiritual texts.

    In modern history there have many books written on the subject of Lord Gananpati or Ganesha. He is depicted as the elephant headed One (Vakrundaya) who bestows blessings on his devotees. He is one of the most revered deities and is known as the god of successful beginnings and the remover of obstacles. However, to others, he is simply the beautiful son of Lord Siva and  goddess Parvati. Although Ganesha is known by many names, for those who are absorbed in meditation on his transcendental form, he is their worshipable lord, and they chant  this mantra Om Gam Ganapataye Namah with great ecstatic pleasure.

    At any rate, I am trying to present the Ganesha Purana in an easy to understand format. I will be posting new chapters as I complete them, probably in groups of five at a time, available for download.  All of the 8000 verses have been translated from the Sanskrit texts into the English language by the honorable scholar - Professor Dr. Gregory Baily of La Trobe University. With Dr. Baily's permission I am editing his English translation.   Although there are certain publishing restrictions ( Please read the Publishing Rights below). all documents on Ganesha are completely FREE for anyone to copy or download.  

Jai Gurudeva!  Jai Ganesha!

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